Tick Sticker™

Catches Pre-Adult Ticks [Nymphs]
and Other Crawling Insects

Tick Sticker™

Pet Safe/Non-Toxic

Easy to Use

No Pesticides

Indoor or Outdoor Use

100% Proudly made in the USA



Directions for Use

To capture TICKS and other crawling insects:

  1. Peel off release paper to expose glue. Do not touch exposed glue.
  2. Break off one tick attractant tab from strip and place the tab in the center of the glue.
  3. Form box and place traps along the perimeter of yard and indoor room, or wherever insects are observed.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children and animals. Small parts may be choking hazard. In case of contact with adhesive, use vegetable or mineral oil to remove from skin. Use paint thinner for easy clean up on floors and other surfaces.


Tick trap report. After two days my trap had two ticks.  Location location location .  Will keep you posted  as we continue trapping. 

Len Charny, Westernville, NY

I was skeptical at first about this product really working. I bought a package of traps and placed them. In one hour I checked them and found zero ticks. I re-checked the traps in two hours and found three ticks. Those traps really work and I would recommend them.

Jacob LaBreche

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